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    The lifespan, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of any system hinges on regular and effective maintenance and cleaning. Without a regular maintenance and cleaning regiment, systems won’t operate like they should. Our trained technicians respond to service calls, performed professional maintenance, and provide advice on how to best operate your system.
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Here are some helpful articles to help you understand what is Ductless Air Conditioning System, or Tankless Water heater, or Boiler, what are benefits to have one installed in your home, how much energy it saves compare to window units, or central HVAC system. Feel FREE to browse around. If you do not find answers you are looking for, please visit our FAQ page, contact us or call us 888 718-8448, we'll be happy to help.

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Ductless and Tankless specialists! We specialize in tankless water heaters, tankless wall-hung heating boilers, ductless air conditioners, ductless mini split heat pumps and other types of high efficiency equipment. We believe that a strong business relationship is always based on happy customers. Our growth and success are entirely attributed to customer’ referrals, due to our exceptional installations and service/repair quality.

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Since 1994 our company established itself as a leader in ductless air conditioning systems, mini split heat pumps, tankless boilers and tankless water heaters, in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, New York City and Bergen County, New Jersey. Our thinking is that the only way our company will continue to gain respect and a well-known name is by providing a unique and positive experience with each and every job. Read more here, or check our blogs about ductless air conditioners and tankless water heaters.

Ductless air conditioning systems

Ductless air conditioning systems were first introduced to US market by Sanyo Corp. of N.A. and Mitsubishi Electric in 1985. Ductless air systems are used for heating or cooling of homes or offices. By using ductless cooling systems one can air condition even the areas of the rooms that are difficult to reach. These systems are very practical for offices, homes, hospitals, banks, hotels and even the schools.
Ductless systems don't use ductwork or ducted air distribution and therefore can't be installed at some places. Ductless air conditioners are also known as mini-split air conditioners since they work in similar fashion as the ducted central air conditioners do, but on smaller scale.
Ductless mini split air conditioning systems consist of two essential components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. An indoor unit contains an evaporator and a blower. An outdoor unit contains a condenser and a compressor.

Installation of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

The installation of ductless air conditioners is quite fast. Experienced installer can install a ductless unit in one day. The outdoor unit is installed outside of the room and placed on a solid surface so that it can remain stable, or on wall bracket mounted up to 10’ high on the outside wall. The indoor unit that delivers cool air is installed high on a wall or ceiling. A small 3-inch opening is made in the exterior wall through which pair of refrigerant lines connecting the two units pass. One of the refrigerant lines delivers electricity while the other takes away condensate.
Ductless air conditioners have many advantages over the central air conditioners. The first advantage is that the installation of ductless air conditioner is very simple, easy and fast since no ductwork is required. It doesn't use up window space or require large openings in the walls as the window or central air conditioners require. Thus it doesn't pose any security risk as the central air conditioners do.


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