Tankless Water Heating

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Tankless Water Heating

Tankless Water Heating

Tankless water heaters have been fairly commonplace in Europe and the Far East for a number of years. They can provide for hot water on demand and avoid the need to store and maintain hot water in a tank for a given period of time. Tankless water heating through a unit like a Noritz water heater can save money. So let’s discuss this option further.

It is interesting to note that as much as tankless water heating is so popular in Europe and the Far East, it is just starting to pick up popularity here in the US. The traditional method of water heating in the US has been to use a model which heats up water through an electric or gas fired heating element and then store the hot water in a tank which can be 40 gallons or more. If the water is not used regularly, the heating elements will have to kick in to reheat the water again to maintain the temperature.

In addition this type of design tends to heat the water fairly slowly. So if the water storage tank is drained too quickly, you can run out of available hot water until it can get replenished. This overall design can be fairly inefficient and cost more money in utility cost in the long run.

A tankless water heater is designed to heat water as it is being used. It has a system to heat water very quickly and make it available as needed. Since there is no hot water storage tank the units are very compact. Some of them can even be mounted on the wall instead of in a closet or garage.

This works out great for smaller residences like apartments or condos. They are even practical for larger homes with larger families since more than one unit can be purchased to satisfy the hot water needs in different parts of the house.

These types of hot water heaters can be powered by either electric or gas heater elements. However their design is optimized to heat the water as quickly as possible. And since power is used to only heat water as it is needed, the efficiency of these units and the associated utility costs are lower than conventional tank style water heaters.

However keep in mind that the upfront cost to purchase tankless water heaters tends to be higher than conventional tank style water heaters. However the trade off in power savings and convenience can be made up for rather quickly.

You can find a variety of units to evaluate through your local building contractor or through a number of specialized websites. Be sure to use a plumbing contractor who has experience with these units and who is best qualified to specify and install them. This will help to assure that you receive the maximum benefit these units can provide.

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