Tankless Wall-Mount Water Heaters

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Tankless Wall-Mount Water Heaters

Tankless Wall-Mount Water Heaters

When it comes to quality, Noritz takes no short cuts in producing the highest quality tankless water heaters.

"When it comes to quality, Noritz takes no short
cuts in producing the highest quality tankless water heaters."


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Best Quality

Unlike other manufacturers, we do not outsource the main components of our heaters. We manufacture nearly 100% of the parts that go into our heaters. We even make the heat exchanger's copper tubing from raw copper. This allows Noritz to have the highest quality control of all the heater’s parts and components. The high level of quality is an attribute of TPS Just-In-Time (JIT) Production system. Noritz is the only tankless manufacturer to implement the JIT Production system. Only one company per industry is granted permission to use this super-efficient, quality control production system in Japan.


Best Features

Noritz is always at the forefront in tankless technology. We were the first in the world to offer ASME accredited tankless water heaters. We have the highest flow rates vs other tankless water heaters in a comparable classes. We have the largest model selection, as well as being the only tankless manufacturer to offer boilers for heating applications. We offer true commercial grade copper (25% thicker) piping in our heat exchangers. We have the tankless industry's first dual flame burners, which maximizes output, provides temperature stability, and maintains low emissions. We offer the largest multi-system capacity set-up available, 24 units @ 9.1 million btus producing 316.8 GPM.


Top Performance Value

When you compare our heaters in the same class with other tankless manufacturers, you'll quickly learn that Noritz is the better performing heater hands down. Because of the Noritz technology advantage, you will get a higher performance heater. A lot of our competitors market their heaters based on the best scenario, and therefore state their heaters at its highest flow rate. Our heaters are rated on a more realistic scenario, so when you start comparing the maximum performance capacity, you'll find that Noritz has the best value based on performance.




  • Going GREEN

    How can you go green? Quite simply, it starts in your home.

    Lowering your home' energy consumption not only saves you money every month and helps aid the environment - it also increases the value of your home. Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study concluded that home values increase by $20 per dollar reduced in annual utility costs.


  • Choosing the ductless mini split system

    Choosing the ductless mini split system could be a challenging task due to the fact that market currently saturated with choices. Higher quality, dependable, higher efficiency ductless mini split heat pumps on the market are far superior to any other offers.


  • Our New Jersey Air Conditioning and Heating Showroom is Open!

    Richair's New Jersey Heating and Air Conditioning Showroom, located at 311 Washington Ave in Bergenfield, officially opened on April 4th. We're excited to expand our expertise as air conditioning and heating contractors into the New Jersey market!

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: A New Option for Home Heating

    The ductless mini split heat pump is a new choice for house heating that offers efficient operation at ambient temperatures of 17°F and below without help of an electric backup heater.



  • Richair outstanding tankless boiler installation

    I can not express myself by simply saying that Richair is no match to others! Here is my story. I have heard about these high efficiency wall hung tankless boilers, like Baxi and Bosch, so I found a company (?) to install one in my home. I would be rude to express my feelings here...

  • "Richair Comfort Solutions - excellent expert service for Sanyo ductless system..."

    "Richair Comfort Solutions provided excellent, expert, and timely service of my Sanyo ductless system. The work was done quickly, and they provided information regarding what the problem was, and how to avoid it in the future. I would certainly use this contractor in the future."

  • "I give Richair Comfort Solutions five stars..."

    I just purchased a Baxi boiler from these guys (the ones located on 6106 Maurice Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378). I went to another contractor in the area first, but was a little creeped out by the guy. Then I came to Richair Comfort Solutions showroom and started asking the salesperson questions. The consultant (Peter) seemed informed, confident, and most important, he listened. I tell everybody - Richair Comfort Solutions is the best. My new Baxi boiler take very little space, quiet, efficient. My gas bill dropper to $200 a month (vs. $420 before). Thanks a lot!
    I give Richair Comfort Solutions five stars because they are honest and professional. It doesn't matter what they sell and install – they do the right thing for the customer!

  • "I wish everyone was as professional as your guys proved to be!"

    "We are very pleased with the work done by Richair. I wish everyone was as professional as your guys proved to be. As you may know, I do work as an Owner's Rep on construction projects and am always looking out for good contractors (especially mechanical contractors.) I certainly hope we get to do more business together in the future (I suspect my Property Manager might also look for your assistance on other buildings in the future.) Thanks a lot!"

    Thierry New York, NY 10024