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Strongly recommend Richair

We had a lot of difficulty getting an air conditioning company to come to our business this past summer. Our electrician at recommended Richair. They came right away and spent the right amount of time to determine what was the best unit for our space. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. The Mitsubishi ductless unit we settled on is incredibly efficient and cools or heats our space remarkably fast with almost no sound. We feel that we can strongly recommend Richair!

Guerra Paint & Pigment Corp, New York, NY


  • Going GREEN

    How can you go green? Quite simply, it starts in your home.

    Lowering your home' energy consumption not only saves you money every month and helps aid the environment - it also increases the value of your home. Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study concluded that home values increase by $20 per dollar reduced in annual utility costs.


  • Choosing the ductless mini split system

    Choosing the ductless mini split system could be a challenging task due to the fact that market currently saturated with choices. Higher quality, dependable, higher efficiency ductless mini split heat pumps on the market are far superior to any other offers.


  • Our New Jersey Air Conditioning and Heating Showroom is Open!

    Richair's New Jersey Heating and Air Conditioning Showroom, located at 311 Washington Ave in Bergenfield, officially opened on April 4th. We're excited to expand our expertise as air conditioning and heating contractors into the New Jersey market!

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: A New Option for Home Heating

    The ductless mini split heat pump is a new choice for house heating that offers efficient operation at ambient temperatures of 17°F and below without help of an electric backup heater.