Ductless System: How to Save Money

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How to Save Money

Ductless System: How to Save Money

Keep the air filter clean. Majority of ductless mini split indoor units have washable filters. It is a very good idea to clean your air filters every 30 to 45 days during the season (winter or summer), and more often if you run your ductless indoor unit on “Fan” mode. Clogged air filters reduce airflow and result in reduced comfort and much higher operating costs. Worse, the reduced airflow is a primary cause of equipment failure, such as cracks in a heat exchanger due to excessive overheating and expansion, or liquid refrigerant flush-back that cause compressor failure.

Keep your Ductless equipment maintained. Every mini split system comes with recommended and required annual maintenance suggested by the manufacturer. Just as with your car, maintenance will keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency and avoid breakdowns. Routine maintenance will extend useful life to your equipment and reduce electric consumption (lowers your electric bills). Comfort systems are an expensive investment – take care of them. Click here for more on routine maintenance.

Keep the remote control away from direct sunlight or cold drafts. The remote control has a built-in temperature sensor, so the control is the thermostat! Having it exposed to direct sunlight will throw-off the temperature reading causing your ductless mini split air conditioner work harder for no reason, thus increasing your electric bill and reducing comfort level. Same applies for heating season – keep your mini split remote control away from drafts or other heat sources.

Add insulation. If you don’t have at least R-30 (about 9”) of insulation in your attic, consider adding it there. Your sidewalls are not insulated - that too is a must. Another area of the house where energy savings can be achieved through insulation is the basement. Insulate your basement - this can save up to 10% of your heating energy, year after year. Savings add up quickly.

Replace old windows. If you have damaged, leaky or single pane windows, you are paying to heat the outdoors!

Zoning. A ductless mini split is made with zoning in mind. You do not have to cool or heat rooms or areas you do not use. It is the same as turning your TV on and leaving the house. Why? Cool or heat rooms you need, and save money. Make yourself comfortable!

Inverter Technology (Variable Speed Compressor). The latest technologies in home comfort systems are ductless mini split units that utilize inverter which matches the equipment output more closely to the load (i.e. room temperature vs. set point), providing more even heating and quieter operation. Inverter technology allows indoor blowers to operate at different speed, matching the airflow to the system output, thus enhancing humidity removal during the cooling season. Oh yeah, inverter technology saves $200 to $400 per year on electricity costs.

High efficiency air cleaning. If air-borne pollen, dust, dander and other particles are making you or a family member sick, switch on the ion generator or plasma filter (already thoughtfully built-in a ductless mini split unit). It will clean the air whenever the blower is operating. Want more cleaning – keep the fan on “high” or use your ductless system in “Fan” mode when heating and cooling is not needed. This will allow the air to be cleaned when there is no call for heating or cooling.


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