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Hot Water System

Hot Water System

How to Get the Best Hot Water System for Your Home

The hot water system is a crucial component of your home—whether it is a new build or an upgrade to an existing residential location.  These systems have come a long way with respect to technology.  Water heaters that are completely tankless are now possible, and offer a multitude of advantages to the modern homeowner.

Why Tankless?

A tankless hot water system is both more efficient and more practical, for the following reasons, among others.

A Tankless Hot Water System is More Energy Efficient

Tankless water heaters are one of the most popular options for the hot water system today.  This cannot be chalked up to trends; there are real reasons.  First of all, the energy efficiency of a tankless hot water system is entirely superior to that of a convention system.  The water is in a tankless water heater is heated “on demand”—only at the moments when it is needed.  Traditional systems would constantly heat the water in a tank, which would waste energy throughout the day and night.  The tankless hot water system is a more efficient form of water heating.

The Tankless Hot Water System Suffers from Minimal Heat Loss

Another reason why tankless water heaters are preferable is because they do not leak much heat.  Radiant heat loss is a disadvantage for which the traditional hot water system is notorious.  As the tankless model contains no tank, it does not suffer from much, if any, radiant heat loss.

Tankless Models Last Longer than a Conventional Hot Water System

Whereas a traditional water heater may only last between 5-10 years, a tankless hot water system can last more than 20 years.  This makes them a better financial investment.  They could also increase the property value of the home, and entice buyers when and if you decide to sell.

A Tankless Hot Water System is Much Smaller

Furthermore, because they are so large, conventional systems are difficult to recycle and take up large amounts of landfill space.  The tankless hot water system has a smaller form factor—consuming over 10 times less space than a conventional model.  This makes them flexible for installations, but also more environmentally friendly.

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