Hot Water Heater Problems

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Hot Water Heater Problems

Hot Water Heater Problems

Most people depend on their hot water heaters to provide them with plenty of hot water for bathing and many other tasks. If they run into hot water heater problems, this can certainly disrupt this and creates a lot of inconvenience and unwanted repair costs. Here are some tips and solutions to keep your hot water heater operating as effectively as possible.

Most hot water heaters are made in two different types. The most common type of hot water heater in the US right now uses a heat source like electric heating coils or gas fired burners to heat up water and keep it stored in tanks of 40 to 60 gallons in most cases. The hot water is available for use by the homeowner as needed.

The drawback to this type of system is that if the water is not used regularly, it can get colder and may require regular additions of heat to keep it at the ideal operating temperature. This uses more energy than desired since the same water has to be reheated one of more times before it is finally used.

There is another type which is very popular in Europe and the Far East. This is a tankless model and it is designed to heat water continuously as needed. The unit is very compact and can even mount on the wall. The water is only heated as needed so it can be much more efficient than a tank unit. However if you have a need for a lot of hot water over a short time period, the tankless units may not be sufficient for your needs. The two units should be evaluated very carefully to determine which one is best for you.

In any case, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your hot water heater to avoid problems down the road. The unit should be inspected by a trained professional at regular intervals to make certain it is clean and that the burners or electric heating elements are operating properly.

In general a hot water heater should provide you with many years of reliable service. However if you do perform periodic inspections and make certain that it is properly adjusted, it should perform even more effectively. You don’t want to run into a situation where you have unexpected failures since it would most likely result in little to no hot water when you tend to need it most.

If you have a tank hot water heater, it is good idea to use water filters or a water softener to avoid buildup in the hot water tank. This cuts down on the effectiveness of the hot water heater and ultimately may lead to premature failure. The same holds true for a tankless hot water heater. The lower the contaminants in the water, the better.

So keep your hot water heater free of contaminants and as clean as possible. This will help it to provide years of trouble free service and plenty of hot water when you need it most.

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