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Every day millions of people in Europe and elsewhere in the world enjoy the benefits of Baxi Group heating and hot water technologies.  Already one of the world's leading heating groups, we continue to open up new markets for our products and invest in future technologies.

Baxi is a leading manufacturer of High Efficiency and Ultra High Efficiency Heatings Systems. Models are available in heating only or combination heating and domestic hot water.

Baxi Group is a major European heating group supplying a full range of space and water heating products for both residential and commercial applications. Baxi makes 4,000 wall-hung boilers a day for export to 70 countries. Baxi products are certified by American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Energy Star.

Baxi offers not only the High Efficiency and Ultra High Efficiency Wall-Hung Boilers, but also complete Solar Hydronic systems, high efficiency European Style Radiators, Towel Warmers, and Dual Coil Indirect storage tanks.

The Group is market leader in the UK and has established positions of excellence in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Baxi International is a division of the Baxi Group, one of Europe's leading heating and home comfort specialists. The Group employs over 5,600 people throughout Europe with a turnover of almost $1.3 Billion Euros.

From centres of manufacturing excellence in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey and Denmark,the Baxi Group produces:

  • Energy-efficient central heating boilers
  • Commercial boilers
  • Hot water heating and storage units
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) units
  • Space heaters and radiators

providing homes, workplaces, public buildings and commercial properties, with warmth and hot water supplies.

For further information please go to the Baxi Group website.

“BAXI is the Future of Heating” - A better way to meet your home and business heating needs while reducing fuel consumption.BAXI wall-hung boilers are environmentally friendly, generating measurable fuel consumption savings. Wallhung heating and hot water technology has a long and successful track record in Europe. BAXI has been…
Faced with rising energy prices, depleting fossil fuels and growing conservation initiatives, the world needs alternative energy sources like BAXI solar water heating systems. BAXI solar collectors can be used to provide Heating and DHW, supplement pool heating or low temperature space heating via heat exchangers. The BAXI integrated solar…


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