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Electric Radiator

Electric Radiator Heating Technology Applications

Electric radiator heating is a process wherein heat is generated via electrical energy. Typical applications include space heating and water heating. Electric radiator heating technology has multiple advantages.

Electric Radiator Heating Technology Space Heating Applications

There are several types of space heating applications for electric radiator heating technology. Examples include: radiative heaters, convection heaters, fan heaters, heat pumps, and storage heating.

Radiative heaters use a heating element held in an enclosed glass casing. A reflector allows the energy output to be directed into the room and away from the heater itself. Convection heaters are a type of electric radiator heating in which air is heated by being in close proximity to a heat element, via convection. Fan heaters (also known as forced convection heaters) employ an electric fan which speeds up airflow, reducing thermal resistance.

An electric heat pump is a form of electric radiator heating technology that utilizes a compressor that is electrically driven. The compressor extracts the heat energy of outdoor air, ground water, or the ground and heats it to a temperature suitable. Storage heating is an example of electric radiator heating technology stores up thermal energy during non-peak utility cost periods (such as overnight) and then releases the heat when it is needed (during the day, or other peak cost period).

Electric Radiator Heating Technology Water Heating Applications

The two most common forms of electric heaters that use water to generate thermal energy are an immersion heater and an electrode heater.

An immersion heater is mounted in the upper part of a hot water cylinder. This type of electric radiator heating technology contains a temperature sensor and an insulated resistance heater. A tankless heater may use a shielded or unshielded immersion heater, and is activated when water is sensed flow (when the tap is open). An electrode heater allows the liquid itself to act as a form of resistance, as opposed to wire-round resistance.

Advantages of Electric Radiator Heating Technology

High efficiency ratings are one advantage of modern electric radiator heating; in fact, it can be said that 100% of the purchased energy is being used in most cases, resulting in a 100% efficiency rating. When used for zoning purposes, electric radiator heating technology can be superior to whole building heating, with respect to cost-effectiveness.

Electric heat has a fast response time, which allows a space to be heated quickly when time is an issue. Electric radiator heating technology is safe for the environment as it is a clean form of energy. Safety is also superior with electric heating, in contrast with systems that use a combustion process. Electric heating is also quiet, as there are no moving parts (aside from fans in some units).


  • Going GREEN

    How can you go green? Quite simply, it starts in your home.

    Lowering your home' energy consumption not only saves you money every month and helps aid the environment - it also increases the value of your home. Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study concluded that home values increase by $20 per dollar reduced in annual utility costs.


  • Choosing the ductless mini split system

    Choosing the ductless mini split system could be a challenging task due to the fact that market currently saturated with choices. Higher quality, dependable, higher efficiency ductless mini split heat pumps on the market are far superior to any other offers.


  • Mitsubishi Ductless AC More Energy Efficient than Conventional Systems

    Recently, Mitsubishi Electric used energy modeling software to compare the energy efficiency of the INVERTER-driven ductless mini split systems with other types of HVAC systems, applying the climate conditions for several major U.S. cities. The result? Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems were consistently 25% or more efficient than conventional systems.

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: A New Option for Home Heating

    The ductless mini split heat pump is a new choice for house heating that offers efficient operation at ambient temperatures of 17°F and below without help of an electric backup heater.



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