Radiant Home Heating System

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Radiant Home Heating System

Climastar - Radiant Home Heating System

Innovation, design and quality are the key factors that have taken CLIMASTAR to a leading position in the home heating systems market.

The front panel is what makes the heater worth a second look. It comes in multiple finish and textures unlike any other electric wall heater. This beautiful wall heater has a unique look with a stone style face with a high tech heating system that is sure to complement any room in your home. This wall heater mounts quickly and safely to your wall, like all convection heaters, air enters from the bottom and exits out the top. Its stylish face is also a radiant heating panel. With convection & radiant heating your get two excellent forms of efficient heating, without the added fan noise of a standard heater.

Made by Climastar it's the only patented heating system in the world that uses a special type of material, specially conceived and designed to boost natural convection, radiant heat and accumulation. This material is known as DUAL-KHERR. Climastar means the perfect combination of three heating systems: Convection, radiant heat and accumulation.

DUAL_KHERR heating system optimizes it performance thanks to it double core silicone oxide and aluminum oxide, two complementary compounds that provide an extra value to our heating system. Silicon is an excellent heat accumulator while aluminum is an outstanding heat conductor. Thereby, DUAL_KHERR guarantees the best heating from the accumulation element, improving both radiant heat and accumulation.

  • High precision electronic thermostat
  • Energy efficient - Consumes one hour of power per every four hours of operation
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Dual core Silicon and Aluminum heating element
  • Side mounted LCD temperature display
  • Aerodynamic convection grille
  • Energy Star Rated
  • UL and ETL Listed
  • 2 year limited Warranty
  • Optional Remote Control lets you operate the programmable thermostat (One remote to control your home)

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Download the Climastar Instruction Manual.