Noritz Tankless Boiler 199,900 BTU

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Configuration Other
BTU Capacity 199900
Volt 120
Control Type Built-in
All Parts 1 YEAR
Compressor N/A
Heat Exchanger 10 YEARS

Noritz Tankless Boiler 199,900 BTU

Noritz is the first tankless water heater manufacturer to introduce tankless hydronic boilers. The NH Series tankless boiler is designed specifically for heating homes. This direct vent model provides quiet and constant heat to your home by providing hot water to applications such as cast-iron radiators and baseboards. This unit shares the same features as other Noritz heaters - space saving, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. It is capable of offering nine temperature settings and is fully-modulating, meaning energy is used efficiently.

This tankless hydronic boiler is significantly smaller in size, weighing in at only 66 pounds vs. conventional boilers which typically weigh more than 300 pounds, giving your home more space to enjoy.


  • Considerably thicker, commercial-grade copper heat exchangers, coated to resist corrosion.
  • Dual-flame burners that allow for stable burn under adverse conditions.
  • Fully modulating burner that gives very good turn down ratios and excellent tracking of system demand.
  • Standard Integrated Priority controls for DHW and Hydronic heating systems from a single controller in the boiler's front panel
  • Direct Vent design for installation in most locations in the house
  • Dramatically reduced pressure loss through the heat exchanger
  • High temperature capability (180 deg.F)
  • Minimal moving parts; only the fan and flow switch are moving parts (low maintenance)
  • Durable, fully solid state controls