Tankless Water Heater NC380-SV-ASME-NG

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Configuration Other
BTU Capacity 380000
Volt 120
Control Type Wired
All Parts 5 YEARS
Compressor N/A
Heat Exchanger 5 YEARS

Tankless Water Heater NC380-SV-ASME-NG

The NC380-SV-ASME-NG tankless water heater can provide hot water to meet hot water demands of hotels, resorts and housing complexes. This water heater can handle heavy duty applications -  a single unit can produce over 13 gallons per minute! With a system controller, you can connect up to 24 units, which is equivalent to 316 gallons per minute at 9.1 million Btu/h. With its stainless steel casing and ASME accreditation, no other tankless water heater on the market can match its durability and performance.

Noritz tankless water heaters are offering true commercial grade components and materials inside and out. A re-engineered heat exchanger and industry first dual flame burner boost the heater's power, while lowering minimum flow requirements. To help ensure the longevity of its performance, Noritz enclosed commercial grade components with a corrosion-free stainless steel exterior casing, giving the look and feel of other professional grade equipment. Noritz's on-demand water heating system saves time and minimizes water waste. Noritz offers a full line of tankless water heaters for both commercial and residential uses. These are the best tankless hot waters heaters due to Noritz's advanced technology, which saves users money and energy in a compact, safe package.


Features include:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Heaters emit less CO and NOx that other water heaters
  • Advanced Q Function Control system helps prevent scalding and sudden cold water bursts
  • Allows for 83-94 percent efficiency by heating only the amount of water needed at that time
  • Energy Saver - high efficiency water heaters that save consumers up to 40 percent on water heating costs
  • Space Saver - compact design allows installation almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors
  • Durable exterior parts crafted for long life capacity
  • Environmentally Friendly - recycled paper and materials used in packaging


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