Why Tankless

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Why Tankless?

If it is that time when you are looking to replace your old hot water heater, then it is time to consider changing out to something different. Instead of replacing that old tank heater with another one, why not have a Noritz tankless water heater installed instead?

There are many reasons why these are much better than the tank heaters, but let's consider the most important reasons to switch over, money. For one, prices vary greatly, depending on the make and model. An instant hot water heater is comparable in price to a tank heater, but will last far longer. Some people say that tankless installation is more expensive, and for some this may be true. An inline water heater will last twenty years or more, almost twice as long as a regular water heater, more so if you live in an area where you have hard water.

Why is this?

Mostly because of the water tank. With a tank heater, water sits for long periods of time, and this can corrode the inside of the tank, and the bottom fills with sediment. With an instant hot water heater, there is no tank, but a series of coils inside the unit. One set of coils is the water line, the other, the heating element. For one, the two are completely separate, so no water comes in contact with the heater coil. Two, because the water flows through a coil to be heated, there is no tank for the water to sit in and corrode.

Do you need as much hot water during summer?

The old style tank water heater is full of water. Every time the water in the tank drops below a certain temperature, the burner turns on heating the water back up, even if you aren't using it. How often do you adjust the thermostat (it is that round thing on the control)? – NEVER!

A Noritz tankless water heater will save you money with utility bills but not heating what you do not need or use! With an inline heater, it only comes on when in use, and when you aren't using the hot water, the unit shuts off until needed again.

Consider repair and replacement costs. As mentioned earlier, a tank heater only lasts about 10 years before having to be replaced, mostly because of corrosion inside the tank. A tankless heater serves for 20-25 years, and is very easy to maintain (some models even have an electronic diagnostic monitor built into the unit for troubleshooting).

You can find a Noritz tankless water heater just about anywhere you would find regular heaters but at Richair Comfort Solutions we guarantee our prices to be the lowest in the market for what we offer and our installation to be the best in the industry.

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