Mini Split Ductless Systems Provide Flexibility

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Small has become the new big in architecture - small-space design is no longer a niche. In both the commercial and residential fields, clients are challenging architects to provide more ductless air conditioning in less space. Read More...

Split-ductless Systems Provide  Flexibility in Small Spaces

In tight space design, where every inch counts, ducts that can be up to 33-inches in cross section often make unreasonable demands on the designers. Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems are ductless, connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor units via two insulated refrigerant pipes with a total diameter of only 2 5/8 inches.

Smaller refrigerant pipes allow for higher ceilings or other design enhancements that can make a small space feel bigger. Mitsubishi Electric' wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended and floor-standing ductless mini-splits work really well in small spaces, providing comfort without large pipes or ductwork interfering with interior design.

Mitsubishi Electric even has an advantage over other VRF system manufacturers (like Fujitsu, Panasonic, LG, and Daikin) because it has the only two-line systems in the HVAC industry (compare to others - three-line systems, that typically require 6-inch holes through walls, 50 percent more copper piping and more than twice as many total connections).

Mitsubishi Electric's outdoor and water-source units are compact and can be mounted either above or below the indoor units, within the limitations of the piping lengths, thereby freeing up space for other uses.