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Air Conditioning Contractors of America helped Today Show with their undercover HVAC report. Six out of six contractors tried to charge for unnecessary work. Be careful who you call. Make sure to check testimonials and references


Specialists wired the house with eight hidden cameras to capture every angle and had a "mom" pose as the homeowner. She called six companies to fix the A/C. As the contractors showed up, experts were watching from a control room in the basement.

The first contractor found the broken wire. But instead of fixing it, he wanted to charge us for an expensive part — something called a capacitor... Read more

Compare to others Richair Comfort Solutions believe that strong company is always based on happy customers. Our thinking is that the only way our company will continue to gain respect and a well-known name is by providing a unique, and positive experience with each and every job. From a simple phone call question, to a complex comfort system installation and management projects, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way!

We specialize in ductless mini split systems, air conditioning and heat pumps, accessories for ductless air conditioners installations, filters and parts, concealed mini split systems, low wall mount minisplit units, tankless water heaters, tankless and wallhung boilers, high efficiency condensing boilers and more innovative choices.