Energy Efficient Buildings

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Bosch continues to methodically increase its activities in the area of Thermotechnology systems for utilizing energy-efficient solutions and renewable energies. The focal point increasingly shifts to include commercial and residential customers. By acquiring Loos, a leading European supplier of highly efficient steam and hot water boilers, and Köhler & Ziegler, a manufacturer of cogeneration plants, Bosch Thermotechnology has added new, eco-friendly tankless technologies to its portfolio like Greenstar series.

Bosch is developing a multiple of ways to conserve energy in buildings by improving the efficiency of heating appliances and combining fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Using a condensing boiler combined with a solar thermal system for heating domestic water and supporting the heating system generates 60 percent less CO2 than a 30-year-old heating system. With heating systems, several renewable sources of energy, such as wood and solar energy, can be used in combination.

The tankless technology available today already enables the construction of energy-plus homes, which generate more energy in the course of a year than they consume. In Canada, a family is living in an Eco Plus Home (a model house that is ready for series production) to test how renewable energies and building technology from Bosch can help a building maintain its green credentials over a whole year. Bosch believes that the energy-plus homes should set the standard for new buildings and for the modernization of existing buildings.

Bosch technology that achieves energy and CO2 savings of 30 percent compared to conventional air conditioning systems is available primarily in North America. This concept focuses on using the excess heat on the side of a high-rise building facing the sun to heat the shaded side. This is made possible by employing a system of over 100 heat pumps that control the climate in the building. Conversely, lower temperatures on the shaded side can be used to cool the sun-facing side. This temperature-balancing act can also be used in shopping malls and factories, which is why Bosch is now also launching the technology in Europe.

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