Climastar Avant 1500W DK White Linen

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Configuration Other
BTU Capacity 5100
Volt 120
Control Type Built-in
All Parts 1 YEAR
Compressor N/A
Heat Exchanger LIFETIME

Climastar Avant 1500W DK White Linen

Texture is the beauty secret of Dual Kherr, especially of White Linen finish.

Looking for bright but discreet ambiences for your home? White Linen is the perfect choice! 

Dual Kherr heating system optimizes it’s performance thanks to it’s double core silicone oxide and aluminum oxide two complimentary compounds that provide an extra value to our heating system.

Silicone is an excellent heat accumulator, while aluminum is outstanding heat conductor.

Thereby Dual Kherr guarantees the best heating from the draught to the accumulation element, improving both heat radiation and accumulation.

Dual Kherr accumulation panel is guaranteed for life. It is resistant to water absorption, scratches, stains, impacts, UV, abrasion, thermal dilation, ice and chemicals.

Natual textures a present in every piece of our collection. Just need to touch it to know Dual Kherr. Choose from Imperial Limestone, Moon Limestone, Dark Oak, Natural Oak, Snow Slate, Night Slate, White Linen, White Cube, Pure Travertine, Travertine Wengue, and Argenta.

The higher density of the Dual Kherr (density 2.3) vs. water radiators (density 1) or other fluid radiators (density 0.83) proportionate greater accumulation capacity. Dual Kherr 1,707 BTU – 15.43 LBS, water and other fluids 1,707 BTU – 3.30 LBS.

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