Types of ductless ac


Air Conditioner & Heat Pumps Indoor Units that mount flush to the wall of the room. Sleek, styling design with whisper quiet operation. Usually mounted on outside wall of the room for easier connection to outdoor unit – only a 3” hole needed to pass refrigerant tubing and communication wiring that connect the indoor ductless unit with quiet and efficient outdoor unit, in many cases located right outside of the wall. The wall mount indoor unit often could be installed on inside partition, but this complicates the installation and future maintenance. When a ductless wallmount unit is installed in such manner, the condensate drain, as well refrigeration tubing and wires could be passed inside of the partition down to the space below. If the installation should be done on first floor of the house, then the piping and wiring can be passed to the basement and then outside to outdoor unit. This also allows condensate drain to be wasted in the basement slop-sink or any other  suitable drain. More info

These ductless units provide 4-Way airflow for even distribution, whisper quiet operation and optional fresh air intake. This is more expensive option than wall-mount units. The ceiling recessed units must be installed in the ceiling, only grille with intake filter and four discharge louvers are visible. This type is best for hotels, conference rooms, and medical offices. An additional branch duct could be added to cool or heat adjacent room. More info

Equipped with a highly efficient, multi-blade centrifugal fan that generates a powerful yet gentle airflow throughout the room. This type of ductless mini-split unit is best for classrooms, conference halls, and large areas with high heat and cool load. Equipped for easy fresh air connection, comes with wireless or wired remote control. More info

Useful for places which need extensive air conditioning, including conference halls, showrooms, and restaurants. Since the unit and connecting ductwork is above the ceiling or concealed within walls, this type of unit is hidden from eye. Installation of these units must take in consideration future maintenance and service. The ductwork must be carefully calculated due to low static pressure design of this type units. More info

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