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Faced with rising energy prices, depleting fossil fuels and growing conservation initiatives, the world needs alternative energy sources like BAXI solar water heating systems.

BAXI solar collectors can be used to provide Heating and DHW, supplement pool heating or low temperature space heating via heat exchangers.

The BAXI integrated solar heating system includes:

  • High-performance, BAXI selective prismatic solar collectors (95% absorption rate)
  • Pre-assembled pump station with filling ports
  • Programmable 2-relay controller with temperature sensors
  • BAXI dual-coil indirect storage tank – 48 gal (180L), 79 gal (300L),106 gal (400L), 132 gal (500L) or 211 gal (800L)
  • BAXI 6.6 gal (25L) solar expansion tank
  • 2.6 gal (10L) propylene-glycol based heat transfer fluid kit
  • Quick-connect fittings and system components
  • Roof mounting kits
  • May also include Baxi Luna boiler
  • Built-in shutdown sensor eliminates need for dump tank

We can help you decide which Solar System is right for you!

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